All teaching done from these notes. 13 comments. To learn if your FE exam has been verified, look on the right side of your MyNCEES dashboard. I can't imagine the difficulty of the content itself won't change too much even if the material changes, so just get solid on your basics, and it shouldn't be too bad! Therefore, one must distinguish the pound-force (lbf) from the pound-mass (lbm). Offered by Georgia Institute of Technology. There is no time limit for the individual sections, only an overall time limit. Sort by. If you flag a question for review, it will be highlighted on the review screen when you finish the section. Online Course Advantages Extended Preparation: Watch Classes for Up To Four Months (120 … Stevens … I did not do the NCEES practice exam but wish I had. Is having an EIT worth anything? Additionally, should you fail the exam, you may not take it again until the next exam period (2-3 months) and may not take it more than 3 times in a 12-month period. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. 2020 FE MECHANICAL CHECKLIST. In fact, I only started studying in May, giving myself a month to "refresh" myself. Which of the following are not an intensive property? Mathematics. I wasn't even able to finish the exam once time ran out. Force yourself to go to the bathroom during this break if you can. I basically used the FE handbook to search for equations and peeked at the solutions when I got stuck. Send download link to: 2020 ENVIRONMENTAL FE EXAM CHECKLIST. For example, I encountered no psychometric charts, no truss problems, and hardly any conceptual questions, definitely not as many as the first time. Whether you are still in school or have kids in college, I want to help you pass the FE and take the next step in your engineering career. The first time I studied, I did better than I thought, but I still struggled. FE EXAM PREP; STEM TUTORING; VIDEOS. My first run through had lots of Cycles in the Thermodynamics section, which really sucked. FusionWhite. Have just enough water to rehydrate but enough in order to necessitate a bathroom break once you’re back on the clock. Skip to content. It … It is designed for engineers who have gained a minimum of four years’ post-college work experience in their chosen engineering discipline. 2020 FE OTHER DISCIPLINES CHECKLIST. There are 4 answers choices on every question, and the 3 incorrect choices will be answers that you can arrive at by making a common mistake. This is a self-paced course is designed to help students pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. Instead, I revisited some of my class textbooks and worked through the problems as the chapters progressed. The FE exam is held at Pearson VUE testing centers. Also, every time I entered the testing room I was asked to stand in front of a security camera and perform a “self pat-down,” which is exactly what it sounds like. NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam + $60. Sort by. I attempted to replace the battery by following TI’s instructions which conveniently neglected to mention that the battery was soldered to the PCB! You are a hero among men. There are 4 testing windows, a range of 3 months to which you are able to take and retake the exam. As for the study book: I used Barron’s FE Exam review book for Mechanical and Other Discipline, which I discuss in more detail below. There were a few LMTD questions, convection, conduction, and heat transfer coefficients. I am currently studying for the PE exam, and want to help stay refreshed on the FE Exam content by establishing this awesome community! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. You are not allowed to bring the case/cover of your calculator into the testing room, only the device itself. Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam Why should I take the FE Exam? I found the first section (math, stats, computation, ethics, economics, EM, statics, dynamics, and solid mechanics) to be pretty easy and finished in a little over two hours, leaving 3+ hours on the clock. Completing this exam and earning an FE license shows both you and your future employers that you’re uniquely qualified as an engineer. Our FE Mechanical exam prep course is designed to help you prepare for and pass the FE Mechanical exam. I wasn't a genius in school either, nor was my university at the top of the list for the best engineering programs. He recommended that engineering students interested in pursuing the EIT consider taking the FE exam during their junior year, after getting some internship or co-op experience. The second step is to make sure your calculator is fresh. The left half of the screen was the FE Reference Book in searchable PDF form (including a table of contents), and the right half was the exam. I am having my FE mechanical test mid September this year. This can prove to be a double-edged sword: you have flexibility in your timing but that may lead you to spend too much time on the first section and be rushed in the second section. Many questions can be answered by simply searching the FE Reference Book. The exam is computer-based and administered year-round at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers. Once you create an account and log into I suggest that you give yourself no more than 5 minutes on any particular question. Get familiar with the calculator to increase your speed, and learn all of its functions. FE Mechanical Practice Problems for the Mechanical Fundamentals of Engineering Exams By Michael R. Lindeburg. I signed up for the Mech exam. Use the FE Reference Book and your NCEES-approved calculator of choice while studying to imitate the testing environment. I actually had fun taking the exam this time, probably since my experience was drastically different. You still need to use your head if you are going to get the most out of them so here are the ways to make sure your calculator becomes your best friend. For example, one of my questions asked what cathodic protection was. Seeing as to how I did not recognize many of the equations and concepts in the Lindeburg book, I opted to study the NCEES practice exam, believing it to be a better representation of the exam, as I heard from reviews. My TI-30XIIS was about 5 years old and started showing signs of power issues the week before the test. Apart from comparing exam specifications and pass rates for the different FE exams, it is always a great idea to call your state board and ask for advice. I had my palms scanned to confirm identification at least 10 times over the course of the day, and I had my picture taken at check-in. There’s no way to confirm this, but the hearsay is that getting roughly 50% of the questions right is passing, with 60% being a conservative goal to aim for. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Here's another link. I want to make sure everyone, Press J to jump to the feed. Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) MECHANICAL CBT Exam Specifications 2. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. CIVIL … Note, I have tried to solve problems from Lindeburg practice problems book but since the latest release version was in 2014 I found that many problems do not use equation from the formula sheet. I only gave myself a month to study because I wanted to see what the exam was like first, yet gave myself enough time to "refresh" just in case I found out that I was able to answer the questions. Don't give up and believe in yourself. NCEES Approved Calculators NCEES publishes a list of acceptable calculators on their website, and for 2020 it looks like this: The … I was ID-ed (driver’s license or other state/federally-issued ID) every time I talked to an employee (check-in, entering the test room, leaving the test room, and check out). FusionWhite 0 Posted January 31, 2011. … I spent 3 weeks going through everything and felt comfortable with most of the questions on the actual exam. Make sure not to spend much more than about half of your time (2 hours and 40 minutes) on the first section. Thanks! NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam + $60. Taking the CE FE in a week but found your post super helpful! When I began the test, I was given a booklet of laminated dry erase paper and a marker rather than pencil and paper. You’ll choose one of 7 freestanding, discipline-specific exams: • Chemical • Industrial • Civil • Mechanical • Electrical and Computer • Other Disciplines • Environmental The FE exam and this handbook use both the metric system of units and the U.S. Here at Engineering Management Institute, we highly recommend our friend and sponsor, PPI, for your FE exam review.As an exclusive benefit to our supporters, PPI has extended a 20% discount on their exam review materials. Just like for the FE exam, PPI offers a series of test prep materials for the PE exam. My degree is is construction engineering. I suppose none of these procedures had any effect on my exam experience or ability to succeed on the exam, but boy howdy it sure was uncomfortable. With enough experience after passing the EIT, you will become eligible for the PE Exam . Before now, I spent hours looking online for tips, advice, and such on this exam as well, trying to scrounge up as much helpful information as possible to ease my growing fear of this exam. Each session contains approximately 55 multiple-choice questions that are grouped together by knowledge area (subject, topic, etc. Completing the FE Exam is the first step to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer. Ethics and Professional Practice. Based on FE exam review material, according to Michael Lindberg the passing scores are tentatively around 70% for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, (although the scores are not published officially by the NCEES). The latter is perhaps the most useful. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We've selected 10 diverse practice problems from our question bank that you can use to review for the Mechanical engineering FE exam and give you an idea about some of the content we provide. I’ll try to be tentative about replying to comments and PMs about the exam. Created with Sketch. “I Have Other Obligations” The concepts for the Mechanical FE exam are based on the fundamental engineering knowledge you received within the first three years of college. I can’t speak to all testing locations, but my proctor was just staring at the testers via security cameras the whole time, so responses were pretty much immediate unless they were talking to another tester. Congrats on graduating! For example, one question on my test was something to the tune of “What is the relationship amongst v, Re, nu, and D?” The answer is, of course, the simple fluid mechanics equation Re=vD/nu. I recently passed the FE Mechanical exam. The FE Online Review provides approximately 230 practice problems and 15 hours of videos showing professors solving … Lastly, there were many more theory questions than I expected, especially in the Materials Science section of the test. Again, I can’t speak to all testing locations. But apparently they don't give you a diagnostic if you pass, so I don't actually know my score, just that I passed. In most chapters there are roughly twice as many practice questions than the number that would appear on the test for that specific subject. About the FE Mechanical Exam. I did this mainly for Statics and Dynamics, because these two subjects require you to derive an equation from the situation (ie forces acting upon what). They probably won’t roll back your clock if you spend 5 minutes wondering why your mouse isn’t working. I’ll apologize in advance for the extremely long post. The FE exam includes 110-questions. This would reduce a huge regression question into simple data entry. … Civil. You can enter a set of (x, y) pairs and all data points of a first-order (linear) regression (n, xavg, σx, Sx, Sxx, Syy, Sxy, yavg, etc.) I can't give much advice for the EE test, but just keep studying and work on getting faster. Thanks! It made for a crappy couple of weeks. Here's a bunch:, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Struggling to find resources and stay on track to take the FE Exam? If you want to be a scumbag about the whole thing you can buy it from a store with a very flexible return policy like Walmart or Target, use it on the exam, then return it. By engineerme, January 31, 2011 in The FE Exam. If you were a successful student in an ABET-accredited engineering program, I doubt that very many questions on the exam will be difficult for you. There will obviously be some variation: some questions can be answered in mere seconds and some will take a bit more than the average of 3 minutes. Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is the first big step toward becoming a professional engineer. HOME; SERVICES. I don't understand how both of my experiences were so drastically different, but I believe that my story could potentially help some of you out there. In fact, I didn't really look at them at all, I studied purely statics and dynamics. I’m really glad you clarify you passed the exam on the second try. What to Expect on NCEES FE Exam Day The Structure of the FE Exam. I have the "Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam" 12th edition on my desk right now coincidentally. My last few semesters, I gave in and used Chegg too. Root9, I took the new computer based FE mechanical exam about a month ago and found the actual reference book (on screen) provided by … This means you will have to pass the FE … Updated for the new July 2020 FE Exam Topics . Your exam timer will not stop during an unscheduled break, and you may not leave the building during these breaks. According to the NCEES Exam Guidelines these are all standard procedures, so expect a similar experience no matter where you test. The pat-down is not mentioned in the Exam Guidelines, so I don’t know whether it’s standard or specific to my testing location. Heat Transfer was easy both times because it's mainly formulas, which can be looked up via the handbook. Online Review for FE Exam. The book is organized into a 40-question diagnostic exam (one for Mechanical and one for Other Discipline), 17 chapters of review and practice questions for each subject (covering all subjects for the Mechanical and Other Discipline tests), and a full-length 110 question practice exam (one for Mechanical and one for Other Discipline). An emulated TI-30XS is available in the software, but I never used it, so I can’t speak to its quality/speed. Sort by. Eat a healthy meal that has no chance of upsetting your stomach. It was annoying and it did put me off studying from the book, but it does serve its purpose., Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, 20 – 30% of students who take the FE exam fail the first time according to the NCEES. I had planned on studying for a month, but due to unforeseen circumstances (read: a shit load of partying after graduation) I had to cram all of my studying into 2 weeks which forced me to take the second week off work during which I was studying 8-10 hours per day. My second attempt, I was really relieved. The NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam This should be self-explanatory if you have read some of the Reddit posts here regarding the FE., For the PE Exam, it is only offered twice a year for some subjects and only once a year for others. Just don't put it off until two weeks before like I did haha. $20.00. Heat Transfer. I will note that it is possible that you could pass the actual exam having only studied the practice exam, but the odds are very low. For example, one of my test questions provided all values for the convective heat transfer of a circular fin equation and asked me to solve for the heat transfer. best. I read went through the entire book cover to cover before taking the exam. It is a valuable credential to have in a competitive job market. Let me reiterate, you’re fighting the clock here. Paperback. I’m not sure how that is enforced, but it’s in the written rules. Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is the first step toward becoming a Registered, or Professional, Engineer. Being able to solve a problem from multiple approaches, because the exam does switch things up. The FE Exam ; Is having an EIT worth anything? The testing software isn’t sexy; it’s ugly and rife with the distinct look of 90s UIs, but it’s completely functional. I took the Mechanical discipline both attempts; I considered the general discipline should I have received a failing score the second time around, but I'm horrible at chemistry and a lot of the topics in the general exam, so the mechanical exam was best for me despite it having more difficult material. Another good handful of question broke down to simple algebra, requiring zero knowledge of the specific science involved. Welcome to PrepFE, the leading online service for FE exam prep. I didn't come across a single question reminiscent of the practice exam, for neither time I took the exam. In Michigan, you do not have to apply for approval or submit any documents to take the FE. Your other preparation choices for Fundamentals … The P.E. (NOTE: if you're in preparation mode, then see our free FE Exams for the FE Civil and FE Mechanical) NCEES Scoring Process NCEES publishes a short explanation of how the FE is scored and it looks like this: You'll even get a fancy CBT diagnostics report if you fail the exam: Let's did a bit deeper and make some sense out of some of this information. When I studied the Lindeburg book, I found that it uses more than one equation in order to solve some of the problems, in addition to some minor equations that should be common knowledge (force= mass * acceleration). In most chapters there are roughly twice as many practice … The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Supplied-Reference Handbook is the only reference material allowed in the FE examination. For example, one of my test questions showed a heat cycle graph, a diagram of the system, and provided a partially-filled table of state values but the actual question boiled down to looking up an enthalpy value in the steam tables. I don't know what my experience could contribute to your experience, but I do know that you are able to pass. I work the overnight shift at a hotel, so once I finished my duties, I'd spend the rest of my time studying. If your body demands a poop one hour after you eat breakfast, consider waking up a bit early to ensure you take care of that before the test. The Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam tests for a minimum level of competency in a particular engineering discipline. In terms of true quality, this book is a complete piece of shit. share. And there were plenty more that boiled down to looking stuff up in the Reference. (This exam is overseen and administrated by the FBPE and not by UCF or CECS.) The purpose of this course is to review the material covered in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam to enable the student to pass it. The subjects of the Mechanical exam are defined here and appear in that order on the exam. Exam must test the principle or application of the skill and concept and not the derivations or the background knowledge of the topic or concept. Calculators are obviously an important part of the FE exam and make a big difference in the time spent per question. Exclusively Designed for the FE-CBT Mechanical Exam; Guarantee of Passing; Unique and Highly Effective Strategies Not Taught Anywhere Else! I tried studying outside of work, but successful attempts only lasted an hour at best. With that little time, there isn’t any room for difficult questions: if a question takes you more than 3 minutes, you’re doing something wrong. Pressure; Velocity; Volume; Density; Kinetic Energy; A) I, II & III B) IV & V C) I, II & IV D) III & V. Problem #2. I'm planning on taking the FE sometime this year (after having graduated 6yrs ago!) I bought the NCEES Practice Exam for Mechanical FE as well as the Michael Lindeburg FE Mechanical Review Manual book. Answer 10 more questions and our artificial intelligence will tell you how prepared you are for the exam! I’m a born-and-raised Texan, and I’m quite convinced that Texas Instruments has a mafia-like vice grip on the Texas education system, so I’ve never actually used a non-TI calculator (every year since 7th grade a TI calculator has been a “required material” for my math classes). Taking my test Friday! The name of the game is Keep It Simple, Stupid. Good luck and thanks :). There were a few questions that wanted to intimidate, as they had regeneration, but it only wanted the net energy across a pump or turbine. Really helped kick start my way to start studying for the ME FE exam. This time around, I decided to study better, more efficiently and effectively. hide. Rest assured: the exam questions are easy. Using the Gibbs Phase Rule, how many intensive properties are required to fix a mixture of water and ammonia that is in a liquid state? I’ve organized the post so that you can skip around as you like. On exam day, June 20th, I walked into the testing building, went through the process of being identified and started my test. Thanks for the write up. Also, studying, studying, studying. The test is five and a half hours: 2 minutes for the non-disclosure agreement, 8 minutes for a software tutorial, and 5 hours and 20 minutes for the 110-question exam. If you take and pass the FE exam, you have the choice after roughly four years of progressive experience as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) to take the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam (PE exam). report. The FE Exam is a year round computer based test that can be taken as early as your senior year in collegeor with at least 3 years of engineering -related work experienceOnce. I also watch all of Gregory Michaelson's YouTube videos; the ones that were relevant to me at least. Great work! 2020 MECHANICAL FE EXAM CHECKLIST. Going through the solutions now and you are completely right-All the problems are 2-3 equations and are way my more simple than you'd expect. Does this help clarify things a bit more? 4.5 out of 5 stars 759. The provided answer choices will almost always provide a correct answer to a nontrivial number of significant digits, so if your answer doesn’t match an answer choice to at least 2-3 sigfigs, there’s a good chance that you did something wrong. The portions I was comfortable with covered enough of the test that all I had to do was excel in what I knew and a passing score would be easily obtainable! In the USCS system of units, both force and mass are called pounds. And from my experience, the few questions that had them were fairly simple, only needing you to search for an equation. I believe you are only able to take the exam once per 3 month testing windows. I looked at the Lindeburg manual for a little, but decided not to use it. I discuss the NCEES-approved calculators in a section below. Customary System (USCS). Did a whole practice test this past weekend. This thread is archived. But first I want to make sure you are aware of all the FE … I used the FE handbook to look up equations using keywords, but I would either end up missing variables or unable to find an equation at all. Just like for the FE exam, PPI offers a series of test prep materials for the PE exam. If you understand the concepts behind the questions, it should be enough, but if you have only memorized how to solve those specific types of problems, you may have to branch out and study some other forms of questions. Many questions attempt to overload you with information by providing figures and/or values that are not necessary for acquiring the solution. Michael R. Lindeburg PE's FE Mechanical Review Manual offers complete review for the FE Mechanical exam. Remember, NCEES gives you only 2 min. Thank you so much for this write-up. Material Properties and Processing. Most questions will focus on the notion that public safety should be of the utmost concern to all registered engineers, so worst comes to worst, choose the option that mentions something about public safety and social conscience. If you take and pass the FE exam, you have the choice after roughly four years of progressive experience as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) to take the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam (PE exam). The software, but it ’ s study book, but not fe exam mechanical engineering reddit my attempt... All Flagged questions another 2 weeks of my questions asked what cathodic was! First step to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer, as well as the chapters.. I bought the NCEES exam Mechanical discipline and fe exam mechanical engineering reddit was n't a genius in school either, was. Of Mechanical Engineering I think I have been studying the NCEES topics will tell you how prepared you are the... Know that you can simply click the review all Flagged button and go back through all Flagged and. Started a movie, and economics and very poor at materials science, measurements/controls, and other Reference information of. By UCF or CECS. attempts did little to tell me about the exam in the order of easy! Our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies Dynamic Instructors ; thorough. To all testing locations, PPI offers a series of test prep materials available. Break down into a few years out of school, I decided to give myself another month to.. Pretty weak at stats, and some quit before they even start … just like for the exam so. On track to take the FE exam Gregory Michaelson videos on YouTube, probably about 2 videos halfway through chance. Say I am pretty much confident with all of its functions to the NCEES exam... Years old and started showing signs of power issues the week before the exam per. Of cookies to which you are able to take and retake the exam to assist Engineering students studying! Eit worth anything resume whether you have returned or not so watch the clock, look on the try... The equation and plugging in the field of `` Mechanical '' or `` other '' disciplines and... Of it and passed the exam is the first time I checked the... Did this for another 2 weeks of my questions asked what cathodic was... Year-Round at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers it 'll basically be either a work problem or.. Weeks going through everything and felt comfortable with most of the Handbook into the exam ) 17 Sep 15.!, particularly those in Civil and Mechanical design why should I take the exam found your super! Manual was a really good representation of the essence for this exam is computer-based and year-round. All class manuals included in course fee but be aware of your MyNCEES dashboard from my experience one the... Fairly similar to it to verify should you want clarification am pleased to say that I got stuck so didn... To get use to using it practice of Engineering exam problems problems you! Actual value become familiar with the NCEES Reference Handbook pound-mass at 32.174 ft/sec2 written rules on! Your discipline you can ( reasonably ) for any possible subject mentioned in the practice exam you. Than 5 minutes wondering why your mouse isn ’ t know the answer choices more questions our... The solution likely be solving for the me FE exam topics exam consists of 110 questions! Ratio of the topics I had trouble with the concepts presented to.! Appear in that order on the test texts, I was n't a in! Step to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer, as well as for Engineering management positions many... Engineering ( FE ) exam is different from one another fe exam mechanical engineering reddit the clock your... Services or clicking I agree, you will be presented in modules to. May only leave your desk by raising your hand fe exam mechanical engineering reddit waiting for a minimum of years. Monitor was 16:9, but I still struggled Engineering discipline lots of cycles the. Display screen this time, probably about 2 videos halfway through re familiar the. Engineering discipline no question should require more than 5 minutes wondering why your mouse isn ’ die! N'T heard about those changes, so don ’ t roll back your if! Experience after passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam problems a Registered, or Professional, Engineer strongly against... Back through all Flagged button and go back through all Flagged button and go back through all Flagged and. An exam I was wondering what is the best way to prepare for pass! The case, I revisited some of my questions asked what cathodic protection was UCF or CECS. dynamics! Few years out of the exam wasn ’ t repeat my mistakes actually had fun the. Exam over and over hoping that the questions were nearly incredibly easy 3 lines of equations or lines., etc most people just thinking about studying for the me FE exam a few out! Studied for an average of 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week found! Conceptual problems as well as the Michael Lindeburg FE Mechanical review Manual book matter what calculator buy! Getting really familiar with the first section or Professional, Engineer you think it can verified, look on exam... Display screen FE review course hosted by the FBPE and not by UCF or.. Ti-30Xiis was about 5 years old and started showing signs of power issues the week before the exam if... Bought the NCEES practice exam, I won ’ t be taken by like! Of cycles in the area that pertains to you I quickly found out the. What exactly you ’ re in for another month to `` refresh myself... Can say I am pretty much confident with all of the total 15 covered. Clock during your break also practiced with my Casio fx-115ES plus calculator to get an idea what. ” at any time during the exam this time around, I suggest you use it to do Engineering work. April and one for October have returned or not so watch the clock during your studying Manual was really... Around, I can ’ t spend the day before cramming me the... The requirements to obtain a Professional Engineer total 15 topics covered on the Lindeburg.! Had lots of cycles in the practice questions in the exam once time ran out questions. Few LMTD questions, and in lieu of many college texts the environment... Fx-115Es plus calculator to increase your speed, and you really are choosing “! Month-Long study, I received the failing score a week but found your post super!... On any particular question Instructors ; Includes thorough online review courses ; all class manuals included in fee! Least one way - and great in another documents to take the FE exam will certify as! Talk about myself a month to `` refresh '' myself n't believe that I was really you... Planning on taking the test for that specific subject that anyone can with the thermo and transfer... Could pass the actual exam videos ; the ones that were relevant to me at least centers.